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HEMMING - Done quickly so you can wear that new garment as soon as possible.

ALTERATIONS - Whatever is necessary to make that garment fit just the way you want it to.

CREATIVE REPAIRS - Sometimes all that is needed is a little creativity to repair a garment that you think is ready for retirement.

RESTYLING - Fashion trends change, but when you buy quality clothing, you can usually update that quality piece with alterations making your dated piece more trendy.

ZIPPERS - Sometimes the entire zipper doesn't need to be replaced, just the pull. This is often the case with outerwear, and can usually be done while you wait. If there are damaged or missing teeth etc, then a full replacement is needed.

HOME DECOR - Hemming or altering of drapes & curtains.

Custom made drape panels, and pillows.

JEAN BUTTON & DOME REPLACEMENTS - Most often this can be done while you wait provided the fabric itself is not in need of repair.

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