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Do I need to prewash my garments? Yes! When fabric is manufactured the fibres are stretched and do not revert to their natural state until they have been submersed in water for the first time. In most cases it is the water no matter what the temp, that causes the initial shrinkage. Putting it in the dryer also contributes to shrinkage. Wash & dry the garment as you would normally do before having it altered.

* Please note this does not apply to dryclean only garments *

What do I need for my fitting? It is very important to bring shoes if you are having garments hemmed. The higher the heel the more it can affect your posture. If you are having alterations or dressmaking done, bring whatever foundation garments, e.g - bras, spanx, control top hose that you will wear with the garment. This is vital to achieve the best fit.

What is the turn around time? Turn around varies. Hemming can usually be done in a few days, while more involved alterations will take longer. While I try to be as flexible as possible, please allow sufficient time before garment needs to be worn. All turn around times depend on a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis.

Dressmaking turnaround varies * see the dressmaking page for more info *

Do I need an appointment? Appointments are required for Bridal Wear, Prom & Graduaton Dresses, Dressmaking & Home Dec projects, Appointments are encouraged if you have multiple garments to be fitted. Walk ins are always welcome but if there is a scheduled fitting, you may need to wait.

How do I pay? CASH DEBIT VISA & MASTERCARD are all accepted.

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