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Most of us have something in mind when we go shopping for that special dress or outfit, but can't find what we're looking for in the stores. Supply a picture, sketch or website by email or in person and have it custom made.

The most common misconception in regards to dressmaking is that it is less expensive than buying off the rack. Unfortunately this is only true if you are able to make the dress yourself. Dressmaking is labour intensive and dressmakers cannot compete pricewise with the mass manufacturing process.

The main benefit to having something custom made is that you get exaclty what you want, custom fit to your body, in the fabric and color of your choosing.

When I have an image of your dress, I will do some research, then get back to you with the amount of fabric you need and an estimate on the labor cost. * You will be required to supply the fabric *

Every dressmaker has certain products that they prefer to work with, e.g - zippers, interfacing, boning, etc., so whatever is supplied by BEWITCHIN' STITCHIN' will be billed at cost.

The next step in the process is to book an appointment where the dress is discussed , measurements are taken, and fabric is dropped off, if allready purchased. * Deposits are required before any work is started. * Dressmaking usually takes 3-4 weeks start to finish with multiple fittings

One thing to keep in mind is the more elaborate the design, the longer the working time will be. Fabric choice also affects final cost as some fabrics require special handling techniques.

Dressmaking is billed on a $ 40 per hour basis plus costs and tax. Consultations are Free,

but must be booked by appointment.

* see FAQ for what you will need for your fitting


due to the volume of Prom, Graduation, & BRIDAL ALTATIONS *

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